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What to do with them??! I’ve got about 80 or so hanging around from the wedding, we used them as place settings:

I’m definitely going to keep a healthy amount, if I’m honest I only decided to do this as it was a good excuse to buy lot’s of them -I’ve always wanted a display like the one below:


But what to do with the rest? I was going to sell them as a job lot on Ebay but I keep coming across more and more interesting and creative things to do with them. Do I try and make something out of them to sell on? I spent a fair amount of money and quite a while finding them so it’s an attractive idea. Problem is – what to do?!


It would appear that I am not the only one a little obsessed by the current moustache craze. There’s a lot of moustache mayhem going on over at Swiss Miss too where you can see these beauties:

Moustache Bandages

Moustache Bandages Moustache Bandages

Beard Head (with add on moustaches!!)

Beard Head Beard Head

trendHaving just looked through some of my favourite online stores I’ve realised how many skull items out there at the moment. Every one had some form of skull/pirate themed item, it seems a little early for Halloween so I’m declaring it a trend! I remember a while ago when the Alexander McQueen scarf was worn by everyone who was anyone and it looks like he’s continuing his success with these other items:

McQueen Skull Items

   Muddle Jewellery                Marc Ecko @ ASOS              Roostlife

Skull NecklaceSkull WatchSkull Bag

           Edamay                           Bombarock              Beware the Moon

Pirate Cushion Skull ChairSkull Wallpaper

                               Z Gallerie                                          Bombarock

Skull Candle Skull  Glasses Skull Cushion

trendIt was my birthday a while ago and the lovely people at work got me these gorgeous ceramic biscuits by Robert Archard that I’d seen and fallen in love with. Aren’t they fantastic?! They open up into little trinket boxes, I love them and I’m just keeping my eye out for a suitably gorgeous plate for them to perch on!

Ceramic Biscuits Ceramic Biscuits

Jam Sandwich Custard Cream Pink Wafer

What with that and a bout of the dreaded swine flu, during which I watched episode after episode of Desperate Housewives (which seems to have become the new Friends on E4…), slowly turning into Bree Van de Kamp (I have been baking cakes ever since…very unlike me). I’m obvously not the only one with sugary cravings, there are loads of great products out there at the moment that satisfy a sweet tooth without the lifetime on the hips. Tea and cake anyone?

CuteAbility @ Etsy

Cake Ring Slice of Chocolate Cake Necklace Pink Frosted Donut Earrings

Let Them Eat Cake @ Bouf

Cake Stand Cake StandCake Stand

Bake It Pretty

Animal print cupcake holders Hearts Pink Rose

                 Cloth Ears                                            I Love Retro

Pink Heart Doilies Kitchen Wallsticker

               Deborah Sparks                                     Graham & Green

Cupcake Cosies Teacup Eggcup

trendI first posted on this subject back in February but I’m continuing to see some really great designs based on traditionally British icons so I thought I’d do an update. I love the crown hook and postage stamp mirror and Twisted Twee’s father and son T-shirt set based on the pint symbol is brilliant. The popularity of the Union Jack as a design doesn’t seem to be abating and after the success of the British war poster ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ it seems this trend is going from strength to strength.

       Graham & Green                Twisted Twee                  Sonerozenc

Crown HookPint T-shirtPostage Stamp Mirror

W2 Products

Blue Plaque tea Towel London Oven GlovesLondon Transport Mug

         Karen Hilton                     Jan Constantine               Accessorize

1st Class CushionCrown MugUnion Jack Shopper

trend Recently I have seen a few test card watches, reminiscent of Dolce and Gabbana’s ‘Medicine Man’ timepiece from 2007. Then when I came across the BRILLIANT test card cushion by Neon Living (available at Funktion Alley) I thought I might be seeing the beginnings of a trend. Of course it makes total sense, what with the current celebration of British-ness and the Union Jack, what is more quintessentially British than the test cards used by British institution the BBC?!

Dolce & Gabbana – ‘Medicine Man’

Dolce & Gabbana Medicine Man

Neon Living – TV Cushion

Neon Living           Paul Smith                                             Asos  

Paul SmithTest Card WatchTest Card Cap

          Urban Outfitters                         

Test Card Clock Test Card Blanket  


I’ve just come across this fantastic website It sells nothing but teatowels from a range of really cool designers, including some I’ve already mentioned like Dandy Star and Lush Designs. But also – look how many trends  one website manages to hit with its designs – Playing cards, Alphabet, Britain, Love AND Folk!

Playing Card Tea Towel Alphabet Tea Towel Made in England

Love Tea Towel Apple a Day Tea Towel

Type is such a huge trend right now and in so many different forms. From statement posters (just look at the success of the ‘Keep Calm & Carry On’ range – and alphabet mugs, to wonderful typeface designs and tongue in cheek tea towels.

But what I find most interesting is what people are doing with type and shapes. Take for example Craig Ward and his brilliant Alphabet Cities:

alphabet_city_001 alphabet_city_002

And even the upcoming Grammy Awards have used this process for all of their publicity material. These portraits were made from song titles that inspired the artists – just brilliant. Unfortunately I don’t know who the artist/design studio is but I originally saw them on


Thom Yorke Rhianna

Stevie Wonder Lenny Kravitz

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