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I’m in love with Thurley dresses!! Yes, yes this is very in advance (we’re thinking March 2011…) and there is the small matter of giving birth first but I’m starting to get excited as I found and bought my dress at the weekend! Because myself and my fiance will have been together for 11 years by the time the big day rolls around and we will ( long as all goes to plan) have had a child, we are viewing the wedding as more of a celebration than as a traditional do. We want it to have a really laid back, carefree feel, much like the images below:

I found the dress in a vintage shop and it is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for, it has that floaty, relaxed feel to it. I had previously been looking at dresses by Australian company Thurley – gorgeous, but I was having trouble finding stockists over here:


So now I just need to think about accessories and I’ve already spotted this fantastic jewellery by PastelPetals on Etsy which I think is ideal:

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