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How excited am I?! I just received samples of my card range due out this month, published by The Art Group…they look great! The foiling on them looks really good but unfortunately it hasn’t come out very well in the picture – I’ll get a better photo soon…maybe one which isn’t taken on my embarrassingly messy desk at work…

As I mentioned I have artwork in a couple of exhibitions in December, the first one being the ‘Lets Play‘ exhibition hosted by the fine art publishers The Art Group:

Let's Play

This is the first exhibition by The Art Group and showcases a cross section of the talented artists, designers, illustrators and photographers published by the company. I already have a couple of pieces published with them and I am very excited about a range of cards I have coming out in December. I saw the mock ups this morning and they look fab, the design team have done a great job. In the meantime, here is my piece for the exhibition, it’s one of my usual abstracts but this time features playing card imagery and patterns:

Stick or Twist

The exhibition runs from 2nd – 5th December at the Maverick Showroom on Redchurch Street. It will be well worth visiting if you are in the area as it is a great selection of artists:

Trudy Good / Angela Smyth / Sam Toft / Megan Hess / Colin Ruffell / Richard Barrett / Shyama Ruffell / Jane Foster / Lov Li Design / John Murphy / Blanca Gomez / Moose Allain / Claire Rollet / Julene Harrison / Marianne Groennow / Jon Burgerman / Ian Winstanley / Howard Shooter / Kareem Rizk / Anthony Peters / Deborah Azzopardi / Phil Sheffield / James Brown / Ben Allen / Terratag / Ruth Green / Sarah Beetson / Jeremy Dickinson / Lara Bowen / Lisa De John / Helen Musselwhite / Kate Jenkins / Angie Crowe / Tate Sisters / Jen Judd-McGee / Helen Lang / Nick Boyce / Susanne Josephson / Amy Wicks / Jess & George /Karin Akesson / Hanna Melin / Maria Dahlgren / Graham Rawle / Christopher Lane / Chris Farrell / All Kinds Of New

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