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trend After seeing pictures of Matthew Williamson’s April ’09 line  for H&M I was surprised at the sheer amount of peacock accents he had included.

‘I took inspiration from a peacock motif, as seen in my collections, to develop a palette of blues, chartreuse, and emerald. The spirit of the collection is both desirable and precious.’ (Matthew Williamson)

I now realise that I shouldn’t have been surprised. Bird imagery has been immensely popular over the last few months, on homeware, greetings cards, prints and accessories; largely I think because of their popularity within the folk scene that has been so prevalent recently. Peacocks have played a major part in this trend and have really captured peoples imagination, becoming a key trend in their own right, just take a look at what I found below:

            Monsoon                                                    Topshop

Peacock Bangle Peacock NecklaceTopshop

         Ninainvorm                   Watts London                     Thomas Paul 

Ninainvorm Watts LondonPeacock Plate

         Wrapables                       Thomas Paul                        Zedhead

Peacock Cushion Feather PillowZedhead

              Zedhead                      Joanna London                  Roddy & Ginger

Zedhead Joanna London Roddy & Ginger

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