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It all started after I saw this fabulous shower curtain at Rockett St. George:


London Underground Shower Curtain

Suddenly I noticed all around me, designs using subway maps. Not just London either, New York, Tokyo – and all such great items. I think it works so well because they are so graphic  and instantly recognisable. While looking into it I also came across a fantastic online shop Art Meets Matter, here are some of their London Underground inspired designs (check out the rug!):

Art Meets MatterNow before I show you any more tube inspired loveliness I just want to give a shout out to some more products by Art Meets Matter on the London theme:

A to Z DeckchairSoho MugLondon Bus Pencil Set

Also check out their brilliant vinyl lampshades and mug shot mugs – based on the mug shots of celebrities! Anyway, onto more subway stuff:

            BaoStudio                 LT Museum                           Ecoist

Subway Bag TUbe MugSubway Bag

                 Folksy                              SJL Arts             Vinyl Wall Designs

Underground Cushion Underground Necklace Wall Decal

        W2 Products                 Rockett St. George          Design Hype Inc.

TFL TeapotUnderground Cushion Metro Cuff

                    Retrovius                                                 Purves

Tube Table Underground Mirror

trendLace is getting a makeover. No longer is it confined to edging hankies and your Grandmas net curtains, now it’s intricate pattern is being screen printed, laser cut and etched onto a number of surfaces and products. In fashion it is being incorporated into plain fabrics to give a focal point to a dress or top, especially around the neckline or on the sleeves. In homewares, the delicate pattern is appearing on a range of hard, shiny surfaces, the contrast between the two giving lace and crochet a much more contemporary feel. 

                         Rockett St George                                  Showpony

Lace Coasters picture-5 Showpony

                Michelle Mason                                   Rawxclusive

Felt Rug Lace Cushion

                                                  Lovely Lovely

Lace Homewares

                             Makr                                                Fox & Clever

Lace Wallet Lace Necklace

trend…Everywhere I look around…

Have you noticed how the word is infiltrating everything these days? And I don’t think it’s just because Valentines day is around the corner. I have noticed this trend growing and growing over the last few months and I think it stems from the current popularity for type – such a universally renowned word is an obvious winner in all sectors.

                                          Rockett St. George

love-blankets page0q414s0v2u7c6p7l love_coat_hooks

     Douglas Wilson           Bodie & Fou          Not On The High Street

ap-m-love3 bf584 lovehanging3

                   Rockett St. George                                           Pilgrim                 

love-mug 514083_m1

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