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I came across the Eclectic Eccentricity website while looking for jewellery based on the bike trend and found a whole lot more. Every item is fabulous and I’d have real trouble picking a favourite. The bright colours used on the site just make it look all the more scrumptious!



It all started after I saw this fabulous shower curtain at Rockett St. George:


London Underground Shower Curtain

Suddenly I noticed all around me, designs using subway maps. Not just London either, New York, Tokyo – and all such great items. I think it works so well because they are so graphic  and instantly recognisable. While looking into it I also came across a fantastic online shop Art Meets Matter, here are some of their London Underground inspired designs (check out the rug!):

Art Meets MatterNow before I show you any more tube inspired loveliness I just want to give a shout out to some more products by Art Meets Matter on the London theme:

A to Z DeckchairSoho MugLondon Bus Pencil Set

Also check out their brilliant vinyl lampshades and mug shot mugs – based on the mug shots of celebrities! Anyway, onto more subway stuff:

            BaoStudio                 LT Museum                           Ecoist

Subway Bag TUbe MugSubway Bag

                 Folksy                              SJL Arts             Vinyl Wall Designs

Underground Cushion Underground Necklace Wall Decal

        W2 Products                 Rockett St. George          Design Hype Inc.

TFL TeapotUnderground Cushion Metro Cuff

                    Retrovius                                                 Purves

Tube Table Underground Mirror

trendOk…I have to admit I have no idea if this is a trend or if for some strange reason my life has inexplicably become filled with these lip ticklers (thankfully not my own…) but for the last few months I seem to have been plagued by them. But if it’s not a trend, why not? Look how many cool products there are promoting the good old fashioned ‘tasche! It started with me commenting to friends about how many young guys I had seen on the tube sporting really long, twirly moustaches (strangely I only ever see them on the tube…where do they go??). Then I went on a hen do where the theme was also the hairy beasts, which was hilarious. I highly recommend it should you need a simple party theme…one friend now has the nickname Blakey due to her uncanny resemblence to the character from On the Buses. And then I saw this on Etsy by Suddenly, It’s Real! :

Half Pint Mustache

And now we’re coming to the real reason for this post…I think I just wanted an excuse to mention it. I recently bought one for a friend as a birthday present and I am so jealous. I may have to get myself one, I love them! Then I kept coming across this brilliant bandana on the internet:

Moustache Bandana

So I decided to do a bit of digging and I’m glad I did because look at all of this hairy loveliness:

                 Miss Bibi                                            Tatty Devine

Moustache BraceletTatty Devine Moustache Necklace

      Bread & Badger                     Jack Spade              Sirena con Jersey

Moustache Rocks Glasses Moustache GlovesMr Moustache Tote Bag

      Heliotrope Home                      Undies                        Tatty Devine
 Moustache Mug  Moustache Underwear Moustache Ring

            Sally England                                     Urban Outfitters

Mr Moustache Pillow Moustache Comb Necklace T-Shirt

I came across these pillows on a great site called Mr & Mrs House:

Card Cushions

They made me think of the post I did some time ago on playing cards – and the fact that I still haven’t gone my hands on that Motel T-shirt! Mr & Mrs House had more fantastic homewares featuring dice and dominoes. I also saw a great domino necklace at one of Brick Lanes markets at the weekend but unfotunately didn’t catch who it was by. I love the simplicity of the designs and their graphic quality:

Mr & Mrs House

Dice Cushions Lucky Dice Storage Cube Domino bolster

           Cuffs 'n' Collars                                       Dress Code   

Domino CufflinksClub and Spades RingsVEgas Charm Necklace

         Minimum Mouse                                  Muddle Jewellery

Trivial Pursuit NecklaceRubik's Cube Necklace

trendIt was my birthday a while ago and the lovely people at work got me these gorgeous ceramic biscuits by Robert Archard that I’d seen and fallen in love with. Aren’t they fantastic?! They open up into little trinket boxes, I love them and I’m just keeping my eye out for a suitably gorgeous plate for them to perch on!

Ceramic Biscuits Ceramic Biscuits

Jam Sandwich Custard Cream Pink Wafer

What with that and a bout of the dreaded swine flu, during which I watched episode after episode of Desperate Housewives (which seems to have become the new Friends on E4…), slowly turning into Bree Van de Kamp (I have been baking cakes ever since…very unlike me). I’m obvously not the only one with sugary cravings, there are loads of great products out there at the moment that satisfy a sweet tooth without the lifetime on the hips. Tea and cake anyone?

CuteAbility @ Etsy

Cake Ring Slice of Chocolate Cake Necklace Pink Frosted Donut Earrings

Let Them Eat Cake @ Bouf

Cake Stand Cake StandCake Stand

Bake It Pretty

Animal print cupcake holders Hearts Pink Rose

                 Cloth Ears                                            I Love Retro

Pink Heart Doilies Kitchen Wallsticker

               Deborah Sparks                                     Graham & Green

Cupcake Cosies Teacup Eggcup

trendI am suddenly seeing lots of designs featuring a twist on the periodic table. I love the graphic nature of the items but they do take me back to evil Chemistry lessons…

  The Whisky Exchange           Etsy – Orlaville               Finest Imaginary

The Elements of Islay Cushions Gold Symbol Necklace

         Firebox                   Twenty Twenty One           Xenon Online Store

Shower CurtainCoasters Cushion

                                 Cam                                                 Heliotrope

Periodic Table of TypefacesGood Chemistry Salt 'n Pepper Shaker

trend After seeing pictures of Matthew Williamson’s April ’09 line  for H&M I was surprised at the sheer amount of peacock accents he had included.

‘I took inspiration from a peacock motif, as seen in my collections, to develop a palette of blues, chartreuse, and emerald. The spirit of the collection is both desirable and precious.’ (Matthew Williamson)

I now realise that I shouldn’t have been surprised. Bird imagery has been immensely popular over the last few months, on homeware, greetings cards, prints and accessories; largely I think because of their popularity within the folk scene that has been so prevalent recently. Peacocks have played a major part in this trend and have really captured peoples imagination, becoming a key trend in their own right, just take a look at what I found below:

            Monsoon                                                    Topshop

Peacock Bangle Peacock NecklaceTopshop

         Ninainvorm                   Watts London                     Thomas Paul 

Ninainvorm Watts LondonPeacock Plate

         Wrapables                       Thomas Paul                        Zedhead

Peacock Cushion Feather PillowZedhead

              Zedhead                      Joanna London                  Roddy & Ginger

Zedhead Joanna London Roddy & Ginger

trendLace is getting a makeover. No longer is it confined to edging hankies and your Grandmas net curtains, now it’s intricate pattern is being screen printed, laser cut and etched onto a number of surfaces and products. In fashion it is being incorporated into plain fabrics to give a focal point to a dress or top, especially around the neckline or on the sleeves. In homewares, the delicate pattern is appearing on a range of hard, shiny surfaces, the contrast between the two giving lace and crochet a much more contemporary feel. 

                         Rockett St George                                  Showpony

Lace Coasters picture-5 Showpony

                Michelle Mason                                   Rawxclusive

Felt Rug Lace Cushion

                                                  Lovely Lovely

Lace Homewares

                             Makr                                                Fox & Clever

Lace Wallet Lace Necklace

trendThe trend for bows has been around for ages when it comes to fashion but they don’t appear to be going away anytime soon. Now, not only confined to clever T-shirt prints and neckline detailing, the bow is infiltrating other areas, in particular fashion accessories:

Felix Rey                    Betsey Johnson                  Rodarte

Felix Rey Betsey Johnson Rodarte

                  Asos                                              Laura Tabor

BangleBow NecklaceTiny Ribbon Earrings

            Wannekes              Trendy Tee Shirts                Accessorize

Wannekes Pink Bow MugHeadband

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