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Ok I’m cheating a bit here, this is neither a trend nor my artwork so really it completely goes against the principles of this blog! Sometimes, however I come across things that I think are so good I just have to share them. And this is one of them:

Brooklyn Fare

Seen on both Ffffound and Lovely Package I just love the slightly sarcastic edge to the them. Whilst I enjoy frequenting a certain coffee chain (which shall remain nameless) it also drives me mad when they insist I speak their lingo. In what language does tall mean small? And I know my language skills aren’t up to scratch but I’m pretty sure I was taught that grande meant large in French and Italian, not medium. And don’t even get me started on venti…

So what a great packaging campaign by Mucca Designs for Brooklyn Fare, straight to the point and factually correct! They also did the following humorous napkins…


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