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As I mentioned I have artwork in a couple of exhibitions in December, the first one being the ‘Lets Play‘ exhibition hosted by the fine art publishers The Art Group:

Let's Play

This is the first exhibition by The Art Group and showcases a cross section of the talented artists, designers, illustrators and photographers published by the company. I already have a couple of pieces published with them and I am very excited about a range of cards I have coming out in December. I saw the mock ups this morning and they look fab, the design team have done a great job. In the meantime, here is my piece for the exhibition, it’s one of my usual abstracts but this time features playing card imagery and patterns:

Stick or Twist

The exhibition runs from 2nd – 5th December at the Maverick Showroom on Redchurch Street. It will be well worth visiting if you are in the area as it is a great selection of artists:

Trudy Good / Angela Smyth / Sam Toft / Megan Hess / Colin Ruffell / Richard Barrett / Shyama Ruffell / Jane Foster / Lov Li Design / John Murphy / Blanca Gomez / Moose Allain / Claire Rollet / Julene Harrison / Marianne Groennow / Jon Burgerman / Ian Winstanley / Howard Shooter / Kareem Rizk / Anthony Peters / Deborah Azzopardi / Phil Sheffield / James Brown / Ben Allen / Terratag / Ruth Green / Sarah Beetson / Jeremy Dickinson / Lara Bowen / Lisa De John / Helen Musselwhite / Kate Jenkins / Angie Crowe / Tate Sisters / Jen Judd-McGee / Helen Lang / Nick Boyce / Susanne Josephson / Amy Wicks / Jess & George /Karin Akesson / Hanna Melin / Maria Dahlgren / Graham Rawle / Christopher Lane / Chris Farrell / All Kinds Of New

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