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I LOVE THESE! These cushions by Nikki McWilliams make me happy. Plus they would go perfectly with my Robert Archard ceramics.

What to do with them??! I’ve got about 80 or so hanging around from the wedding, we used them as place settings:

I’m definitely going to keep a healthy amount, if I’m honest I only decided to do this as it was a good excuse to buy lot’s of them -I’ve always wanted a display like the one below:


But what to do with the rest? I was going to sell them as a job lot on Ebay but I keep coming across more and more interesting and creative things to do with them. Do I try and make something out of them to sell on? I spent a fair amount of money and quite a while finding them so it’s an attractive idea. Problem is – what to do?!


I came across these gorgeous ceramics by Jane Booth in a shop in St. Ives. I just had to have one of these bowls from her Confection range:

I’ve had a bit of an obsession with bookends ever since I saw these Jonathan Adler Daschund ones:

But at $150 they’re a little out of my price range! These ones from Urban Outfitters, however are just as fab and a little more in my league! I have to have them for my new desk:

Hello, sorry it has been so long since I last posted properly but there have been big changes afoot. I’ve left the bright lights of London and moved back to Essex so I’ve been busy digging out the white stilettos. I’m also now only 3 weeks off my due date (eek…) so on maternity leave and trying to get the new place straight as well as think about the wedding. Phew. I’m back now though, computer set up and raring to go.

Since I posted about Namolio I’ve noticed a bit of a crochet obsession forming. My mum is currently making me the cutest crochet pram blanket and I’ve just come across this amazing bunting by Wood & Wool Stool:

I think something like this would make a fantastic wedding garland..(hint hint mum!). Wood & Wool Stool also have some fabulous other products to satisfy my crochet cravings:

Is it me or is there a lot of love for the bicycle at the moment? I keep seeing loads of designs on a number of items – new bikes, old bikes, penny farthings. I particularly love the old style designs such as the cushion from Rose & Grey:

   Various @ Etsy

      Little Korboose                Judi Rosen                       Ella Doran

        Rose & Grey                                                       Urban Outfitters

Feinedinge are another Maison & Objet find. I posted about a trend for lace last year (see it here) but once again I am seeing lots and lots of designs with the intricate pattern. An example of this is Feinedinge’s Ghost Vases which incorporate vintage lace in the designs. I think they’re lovely and look so delicate. (Images via Sub Studio)

I’ve mentioned Lego a lot recently due to the ongoing trend for homewares based on games. Whilst other game imagery is still out there, Lego is racing ahead in the popularity stakes. Every time I think I’ve covered it I come across more and more items so I thought I would do a round up devoted purely to the playful plastic bricks:

Jacqueline Sanchez

Urban Outfitters

Color By Numbers (Via Design Spotter)


               Swank                       BunnyLogic              Via Geeky Gadgets

I love Urban Outfitters. What I love even more, however is Urban Outfitters in the US. Forget the clothes, look at all these amazing homewares available to buy online from the US store – reasonably priced and bang on trend. I’m so jealous and in love with everything on the site, here are some of my favourites:

Happy New Year!
Sorry this first post of 2010 has been a long time coming. I was away in the Lake District for the New Year then it was straight back to work on my return which was quite a shock to the system. Coupled with my pregnancy this year has so far mainly been taken up with sleeping! I’m back now though and ready to look at what trends are going to be big for this year. The first thing I have spotted is a follow on from last years hugely popular Alphabet trend. Having exhausted the letters, designers are now resorting to the punctuation and grammar that make up our language, with some really nice results. Enjoy!

Eric Janssen Design (As seen on Swiss Miss)

                   House Industries                                  Victoria Mason
          AuntyCookie              Urban Outfitters                 Silverlining11

Chao & Eero

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