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updateI know I’ve been very quiet recently – it’s not through laziness I promise, I’ve just been super busy recently. Do not despair though, I have still had my eyes and ears to the ground, seeking out some great products that illustrate brilliantly some of the trends I have mentioned before. I WANT EVERYTHING!!! Enjoy…

Non disposable, disposable stuff…

How great are these??! What a fantastic idea, Jack Bresnahan has designed these great lids that recycle boring old tin cans into various household items. I love them! (via Designvagabond)

Vase Toothbrush Holder

Pen Pot Holder Tea & Coffee


I came across these amazing pottery bowls by Maggie Weldon on Etsy last week. By the time I’ve come to write about them now they’ve (unsurprisingly!) all sold out! I’d definitely suggest keeping an eye on the shop, I hope she’s going to add some more stock soon:

Lace Plates Pottery Bowls Pottery Bowls

I fell in love with the Mid Century Chairs print by London based company Grace & Go some time ago. Having checked back recently I saw the Heavens to Betsy range of homewares and bags. Too slow again the range is now sold out…must be quicker!!

Doilly Tea TowelDoilly BagDoilly Apron


Ok, this is a bit of a loose connection but I was trying to find an excuse to include the great jewellery company Me & Zena. I got the ‘Take Me Down’ necklace last year for my birthday and I just love it. I took a look at their website and they have some really great new necklaces, incuding one in the shape of the British Isles so…ta da! Theres my link…

Big BritainHMS HeartacheGeek Glasses

After my previous post about the amount of designers currently making products that look like disposable objects, I came across Lorena Barrezuta and her ‘Gourmet Collection’ of dinnerware. She has taken the universally recognisable takeaway container and produced it in porcelain, turning the idea that it is disposable on its head and challenging our notions of quality. Not only do they look great but they come in a variety of colours:

Classic Lush
Carry Out Mac'n'Cheese
Munch Fish'n'chips

trendI bought one of the crinkle cups by Rob Brandt, below, some time ago and have since sourced a larger, plant pot version. I really liked the design and the fact that something we all took for granted as being disposable had been subverted into a decorative, long lasting object. I have also noticed a number of similar products appearing on the market recently (ceramic ‘paper’ plates, glass ‘plastic’ bottles…) as our hunger for ‘eco chic’ continues to grow. In this credit crunched, eco friendly world of ours where carrier bags are banished and we should all be recycling, it seems almost gluttonous to throw things away and not to re-use. Anya Hindmarch and her now infamous ‘I’m not a plastic bag’ was at the forefront of this movement, bringing the previously dowdy image of eco friendly fashion bang up to date. This has led to a healthy competition for designers to create desirable, ethical products. The items below are stylish, practical and extremely resourceful:

         Rob Brandt                        Virginia Sin                           Starbucks

1852 Virginia SinGrande To Go Cold Cup Tumbler


      Glass Bottles       Milk Carton

Takeaway bowlsTakeaway sugar bowlEgg Dish


                    DCI                    Anya Hindmarch                    Modcloth

I am not a paper cupAnya HindmarchTea towel

How cool are these cushions?! I was thinking about which trend to add them to; there’s the type slogans, the alphabet lettering, a Union Jack – and then I realised I didn’t need to assign them to a trend as they’re just so damn hot!

Smile Cushion Relax Cushion Play Cushion

& Cushion W K

Union Jack Patriotic Collection

You can purchase all of these and more from Etsy. AND as if the cushion weren’t great enough they are also eco friendly. The felt used in her cushions are made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic water bottles. Every pound of felt is equivalent to 10 water bottles that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. Even more of an excuse to buy one.

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