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trendHaving just looked through some of my favourite online stores I’ve realised how many skull items out there at the moment. Every one had some form of skull/pirate themed item, it seems a little early for Halloween so I’m declaring it a trend! I remember a while ago when the Alexander McQueen scarf was worn by everyone who was anyone and it looks like he’s continuing his success with these other items:

McQueen Skull Items

   Muddle Jewellery                Marc Ecko @ ASOS              Roostlife

Skull NecklaceSkull WatchSkull Bag

           Edamay                           Bombarock              Beware the Moon

Pirate Cushion Skull ChairSkull Wallpaper

                               Z Gallerie                                          Bombarock

Skull Candle Skull  Glasses Skull Cushion


I came across these pillows on a great site called Mr & Mrs House:

Card Cushions

They made me think of the post I did some time ago on playing cards – and the fact that I still haven’t gone my hands on that Motel T-shirt! Mr & Mrs House had more fantastic homewares featuring dice and dominoes. I also saw a great domino necklace at one of Brick Lanes markets at the weekend but unfotunately didn’t catch who it was by. I love the simplicity of the designs and their graphic quality:

Mr & Mrs House

Dice Cushions Lucky Dice Storage Cube Domino bolster

           Cuffs 'n' Collars                                       Dress Code   

Domino CufflinksClub and Spades RingsVEgas Charm Necklace

         Minimum Mouse                                  Muddle Jewellery

Trivial Pursuit NecklaceRubik's Cube Necklace

trendI first posted on this subject back in February but I’m continuing to see some really great designs based on traditionally British icons so I thought I’d do an update. I love the crown hook and postage stamp mirror and Twisted Twee’s father and son T-shirt set based on the pint symbol is brilliant. The popularity of the Union Jack as a design doesn’t seem to be abating and after the success of the British war poster ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ it seems this trend is going from strength to strength.

       Graham & Green                Twisted Twee                  Sonerozenc

Crown HookPint T-shirtPostage Stamp Mirror

W2 Products

Blue Plaque tea Towel London Oven GlovesLondon Transport Mug

         Karen Hilton                     Jan Constantine               Accessorize

1st Class CushionCrown MugUnion Jack Shopper

trendI’ve noticed a lot of homewares featuring computer style imagery recently, some of the ideas and designs are great. I really like the Adobe Creative Suite cushions available from SuiteStuff and the computer keys doormats by Pieter Woudt are a work of genius. I love they way he has taken something most of us look at every day in our working lives and completely changed its meaning. Brilliant.


Creative Suite Pillows

Pieter Woudt

      Home Doormat Enter Doormat     

                                            Diffractionfiber @ Etsy

    Ctrl Alt Del Cushions Esc Cushion   

          Candy Queen Designs                               Cufflinks @ Etsy

  Computer Switch Computer Key Cufflinks

What with the current trend for alphabets I thought I would share a piece of work I did based on this theme. While I can’t proclaim to be on trend (I did this months ago…!) the East End Arts Club are once again bang up to date. The next show, opening next month is based on the 26 letters of the alphabet and once again there will be a selection of limited editions and originals. I will be creating something new and keeping my fingers crossed it will be selected so watch this space for that and further details of the exhibition.


This next piece is something I did  more recently, it was actually the starting point for my ‘Love & Sex’ show exhibit. It was a digital version based on the above but I thought it looked too busy and couldn’t get the colours right (I’m quite new to this digital malarky…) I decided the most successful part of it was the playing card element in some of the letters…so thats how the playing card imagery (posted earlier) came about!


(c) Angie Crowe

Talking of type and shapes look what I came across today. These artworks by Rebecca Wright not only look good but they’re witty too…

Reasons for Looking at Art Reasons for Buying Art

Type is such a huge trend right now and in so many different forms. From statement posters (just look at the success of the ‘Keep Calm & Carry On’ range – and alphabet mugs, to wonderful typeface designs and tongue in cheek tea towels.

But what I find most interesting is what people are doing with type and shapes. Take for example Craig Ward and his brilliant Alphabet Cities:

alphabet_city_001 alphabet_city_002

And even the upcoming Grammy Awards have used this process for all of their publicity material. These portraits were made from song titles that inspired the artists – just brilliant. Unfortunately I don’t know who the artist/design studio is but I originally saw them on


Thom Yorke Rhianna

Stevie Wonder Lenny Kravitz

So when I was invited to submit some work to the new East End Arts Club exhibition ‘F**k Art Let’s Love’ I did these:

Ace of Hearts

Love Hearts

(c) Angie Crowe

Emerging and established artists, illustrators, graphic designers, print-makers and photographers were invited to produce a print interpreting the theme Love..and Sex!

Affordable framed prints and originals are available and the exhibition is on Sunday 8th & 15th, 22nd February & 1st March from 11-6pm (Weekdays and Saturdays by Appointment Only). For more details and to see some of the artwork go to Alternatively if you find yourself in the Brick Lane area check it out:

Swanfield Yard 2b
Swanfield Street E2

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