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I’ve been a busy bee this week. I’ve done these two new abstracts, I am trying to develop 6 square artworks for a card range, to be published by The Art Group, that work together but have different enough compositions. My favourite way to work is with the portrait orientation so I’ve enjoyed the challenge:

Blue Abstract Green Abstract

Card Set

I’ve been experimenting with some Xmas imagery for potential cards. This is what I’ve done so far but I’m  not sure if its ‘Christmassy’ enough, it’s been suggested I should change the background colour which I think will really help. I love the colours against the blue but it isn’t the most obvious colour for Xmas, I think I was aiming for it look like snowflakes falling from the sky. I think with a different background colour and some of the blue used as accents within the snowflakes it could be more successful. Watch this space…


As promised here is my final piece for the upcoming ‘Hidden Gems’ show, the latest by the East End Arts Club:

angie gems

The exhibition is in conjunction with London Jewellery week so expect lots of sparkle! The original and an edition run of 10 will be available at the show and online. The show will then move to the Swanfield Yard gallery until the beginning of July.

This is my latest abstract:

Retro Abstract ll

I wanted to do a pair for a previous image and I think they work well together:

Retro Abstract Retro Abstract ll

I’ve been saying this for ages but I am intending to set up an Etsy shop selling my prints. I’m also thinking of having the following design printed on some cotton shoppers. What do you think?


(c) Angie Crowe

What with the current trend for alphabets I thought I would share a piece of work I did based on this theme. While I can’t proclaim to be on trend (I did this months ago…!) the East End Arts Club are once again bang up to date. The next show, opening next month is based on the 26 letters of the alphabet and once again there will be a selection of limited editions and originals. I will be creating something new and keeping my fingers crossed it will be selected so watch this space for that and further details of the exhibition.


This next piece is something I did  more recently, it was actually the starting point for my ‘Love & Sex’ show exhibit. It was a digital version based on the above but I thought it looked too busy and couldn’t get the colours right (I’m quite new to this digital malarky…) I decided the most successful part of it was the playing card element in some of the letters…so thats how the playing card imagery (posted earlier) came about!


(c) Angie Crowe

Painting and paper collage on linen…

Retro Abstract

(c) Angie Crowe

I did this collage a while ago and out of all of the pieces I have done it seems to be the most popular. People keep commenting on the colours which I suppose are quite nice but it’s not my favourite composition. Anyway I have just bought some more linen and hope to do a better one soon so watch this space…


(c) Angie Crowe
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