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I know I seem a bit obsessed with teacups at the moment but I came across these beautiful ceramics by local artist Julie Spurgeon at the weekend. Exhibiting in Annabel Dees pop up shop as part of the Leigh Art Trail, these beautiful tea sets had me captivated. I was lucky enough to chat to Julie and she told me all about the inspiration behind them – fond childhood memories of the tea making ritual, the pleats and folds in the porcelain reminiscent of things like cupcake cases.

The above pieces are from her Material Pleasures collection which are currently featured in the exhibition Teapots to Tapestries, and available to buy at Fortnum and Mason.

I came across these gorgeous ceramics by Jane Booth in a shop in St. Ives. I just had to have one of these bowls from her Confection range:

Feinedinge are another Maison & Objet find. I posted about a trend for lace last year (see it here) but once again I am seeing lots and lots of designs with the intricate pattern. An example of this is Feinedinge’s Ghost Vases which incorporate vintage lace in the designs. I think they’re lovely and look so delicate. (Images via Sub Studio)

I saw these AMAZING ceramics by Nadia Pignatone at Maison & Objet yesterday. There is always so much to take in at this show as it’s so vast but I came away very sure that these were my favourite items. The blossoms

collection is made from hand thrown porcelain and laser-cut kimono fabric. See my favourites below – I need to own one!!!

I just wanted to post about Ken Eardley and his amazing ceramics. Every year I go to the Cockpit Arts Open Studios and every year I have to buy a piece of his. Ken is always near his stand and I’m sure he must laugh at how long it takes me to decide which piece to purchase…I’m sure this year was a record!

trendIt was my birthday a while ago and the lovely people at work got me these gorgeous ceramic biscuits by Robert Archard that I’d seen and fallen in love with. Aren’t they fantastic?! They open up into little trinket boxes, I love them and I’m just keeping my eye out for a suitably gorgeous plate for them to perch on!

Ceramic Biscuits Ceramic Biscuits

Jam Sandwich Custard Cream Pink Wafer

What with that and a bout of the dreaded swine flu, during which I watched episode after episode of Desperate Housewives (which seems to have become the new Friends on E4…), slowly turning into Bree Van de Kamp (I have been baking cakes ever since…very unlike me). I’m obvously not the only one with sugary cravings, there are loads of great products out there at the moment that satisfy a sweet tooth without the lifetime on the hips. Tea and cake anyone?

CuteAbility @ Etsy

Cake Ring Slice of Chocolate Cake Necklace Pink Frosted Donut Earrings

Let Them Eat Cake @ Bouf

Cake Stand Cake StandCake Stand

Bake It Pretty

Animal print cupcake holders Hearts Pink Rose

                 Cloth Ears                                            I Love Retro

Pink Heart Doilies Kitchen Wallsticker

               Deborah Sparks                                     Graham & Green

Cupcake Cosies Teacup Eggcup

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