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It all started after I saw this fabulous shower curtain at Rockett St. George:


London Underground Shower Curtain

Suddenly I noticed all around me, designs using subway maps. Not just London either, New York, Tokyo – and all such great items. I think it works so well because they are so graphic  and instantly recognisable. While looking into it I also came across a fantastic online shop Art Meets Matter, here are some of their London Underground inspired designs (check out the rug!):

Art Meets MatterNow before I show you any more tube inspired loveliness I just want to give a shout out to some more products by Art Meets Matter on the London theme:

A to Z DeckchairSoho MugLondon Bus Pencil Set

Also check out their brilliant vinyl lampshades and mug shot mugs – based on the mug shots of celebrities! Anyway, onto more subway stuff:

            BaoStudio                 LT Museum                           Ecoist

Subway Bag TUbe MugSubway Bag

                 Folksy                              SJL Arts             Vinyl Wall Designs

Underground Cushion Underground Necklace Wall Decal

        W2 Products                 Rockett St. George          Design Hype Inc.

TFL TeapotUnderground Cushion Metro Cuff

                    Retrovius                                                 Purves

Tube Table Underground Mirror

trendOk…I have to admit I have no idea if this is a trend or if for some strange reason my life has inexplicably become filled with these lip ticklers (thankfully not my own…) but for the last few months I seem to have been plagued by them. But if it’s not a trend, why not? Look how many cool products there are promoting the good old fashioned ‘tasche! It started with me commenting to friends about how many young guys I had seen on the tube sporting really long, twirly moustaches (strangely I only ever see them on the tube…where do they go??). Then I went on a hen do where the theme was also the hairy beasts, which was hilarious. I highly recommend it should you need a simple party theme…one friend now has the nickname Blakey due to her uncanny resemblence to the character from On the Buses. And then I saw this on Etsy by Suddenly, It’s Real! :

Half Pint Mustache

And now we’re coming to the real reason for this post…I think I just wanted an excuse to mention it. I recently bought one for a friend as a birthday present and I am so jealous. I may have to get myself one, I love them! Then I kept coming across this brilliant bandana on the internet:

Moustache Bandana

So I decided to do a bit of digging and I’m glad I did because look at all of this hairy loveliness:

                 Miss Bibi                                            Tatty Devine

Moustache BraceletTatty Devine Moustache Necklace

      Bread & Badger                     Jack Spade              Sirena con Jersey

Moustache Rocks Glasses Moustache GlovesMr Moustache Tote Bag

      Heliotrope Home                      Undies                        Tatty Devine
 Moustache Mug  Moustache Underwear Moustache Ring

            Sally England                                     Urban Outfitters

Mr Moustache Pillow Moustache Comb Necklace T-Shirt

updateI know I’ve been very quiet recently – it’s not through laziness I promise, I’ve just been super busy recently. Do not despair though, I have still had my eyes and ears to the ground, seeking out some great products that illustrate brilliantly some of the trends I have mentioned before. I WANT EVERYTHING!!! Enjoy…

Non disposable, disposable stuff…

How great are these??! What a fantastic idea, Jack Bresnahan has designed these great lids that recycle boring old tin cans into various household items. I love them! (via Designvagabond)

Vase Toothbrush Holder

Pen Pot Holder Tea & Coffee


I came across these amazing pottery bowls by Maggie Weldon on Etsy last week. By the time I’ve come to write about them now they’ve (unsurprisingly!) all sold out! I’d definitely suggest keeping an eye on the shop, I hope she’s going to add some more stock soon:

Lace Plates Pottery Bowls Pottery Bowls

I fell in love with the Mid Century Chairs print by London based company Grace & Go some time ago. Having checked back recently I saw the Heavens to Betsy range of homewares and bags. Too slow again the range is now sold out…must be quicker!!

Doilly Tea TowelDoilly BagDoilly Apron


Ok, this is a bit of a loose connection but I was trying to find an excuse to include the great jewellery company Me & Zena. I got the ‘Take Me Down’ necklace last year for my birthday and I just love it. I took a look at their website and they have some really great new necklaces, incuding one in the shape of the British Isles so…ta da! Theres my link…

Big BritainHMS HeartacheGeek Glasses

trendI first posted on this subject back in February but I’m continuing to see some really great designs based on traditionally British icons so I thought I’d do an update. I love the crown hook and postage stamp mirror and Twisted Twee’s father and son T-shirt set based on the pint symbol is brilliant. The popularity of the Union Jack as a design doesn’t seem to be abating and after the success of the British war poster ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ it seems this trend is going from strength to strength.

       Graham & Green                Twisted Twee                  Sonerozenc

Crown HookPint T-shirtPostage Stamp Mirror

W2 Products

Blue Plaque tea Towel London Oven GlovesLondon Transport Mug

         Karen Hilton                     Jan Constantine               Accessorize

1st Class CushionCrown MugUnion Jack Shopper

Check out this great Union Jack purse from Topshop:


And the March issue of Glamour magazine is the British style issue, featuring loads of cool Union Jack inspired fashion accessories:


1st Image:
Patent long clutch – Faith
Patent skinny belt – Marks & Spencer
Patent leather sandals – Rupert Sanderson
Flower Brooch – Anna Lou of London
Clutch with skull clasp – Alexander McQueen
Bangles – Anna Lou of London

2nd Image:
Clutch Bag – Accessorize
Top – Warehouse
Blazer – Topshop
HoldallRiver Island

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