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Stationery items, in particular the pencil have been given new uses.

I particularly love the sharpener desk tidy – perfect for any home office…

        Victoria Mason                 Platifina                          Whistles

Tatty Devine

Maria Cristina Bellucci

  Curiosity Shoppe        Coat Hanger Company       Yo Yo Ceramics

Paper Pastries

Feinedinge are another Maison & Objet find. I posted about a trend for lace last year (see it here) but once again I am seeing lots and lots of designs with the intricate pattern. An example of this is Feinedinge’s Ghost Vases which incorporate vintage lace in the designs. I think they’re lovely and look so delicate. (Images via Sub Studio)

I saw these fantastic lamps by TOBYhouse earlier this week. The idea of taking everday objects and twisting the way we look at them is not a new trend – far from it. Taking an item and enlarging it, turning it into a fashion accessory or giving it another use was huge last year. I always wanted to post about it but it seemed so vast I didn’t really know where to start. I have just seen my FAVOURITE example of this trend, however and I just had to post about it. Toby Sanders has taken everyday inflatable toys and turned them into lighting pieces – they are fantastic! I saw them at the Interiors show at the NEC, these aren’t the best pictures – the banana lamp especially is not done justice so I’ll try and post some better ones if I find any:

Some great designs by Aimee Wilder and others.
Ipod? What Ipod? Going back to basics...hgsjhkhgjsdhj

                                                  Aimee Wilder


         One Brown Cow             Bonjour Mon Coussin        Design Boom

Sabrina's Charm

                         Perpetual Kid                                 via Geeky Gadgets

I’ve mentioned Lego a lot recently due to the ongoing trend for homewares based on games. Whilst other game imagery is still out there, Lego is racing ahead in the popularity stakes. Every time I think I’ve covered it I come across more and more items so I thought I would do a round up devoted purely to the playful plastic bricks:

Jacqueline Sanchez

Urban Outfitters

Color By Numbers (Via Design Spotter)


               Swank                       BunnyLogic              Via Geeky Gadgets

Happy New Year!
Sorry this first post of 2010 has been a long time coming. I was away in the Lake District for the New Year then it was straight back to work on my return which was quite a shock to the system. Coupled with my pregnancy this year has so far mainly been taken up with sleeping! I’m back now though and ready to look at what trends are going to be big for this year. The first thing I have spotted is a follow on from last years hugely popular Alphabet trend. Having exhausted the letters, designers are now resorting to the punctuation and grammar that make up our language, with some really nice results. Enjoy!

Eric Janssen Design (As seen on Swiss Miss)

                   House Industries                                  Victoria Mason
          AuntyCookie              Urban Outfitters                 Silverlining11

Chao & Eero

I have a new obsession – Undergrowth Design – I have to have that sugar bowl!! Once again, here’s a quick update on some further products that fit in with various trends I’ve posted about over the last few months. Enjoy!

The Body


Rule Britannia


I’ve come across this new store A Plus R which perfectly illustrates a trend I’ve seen grow and grow. Not very festive I know but when I was at Maison & Objet earlier in the year I saw a lot of ingenious products based on items of warefare – guns, bullets etc. I always meant to follow it up but never got round to it, that is until today when I came across this brilliant shop. Seeking out the newest products A Plus R is a one stop shop for everything that is currently going on in design and has so many great products I don’t think I could pick a favourite. The following items, by a number of different designers are all available from the one store and I think sum up the trend perfectly:

In homage to my mums fabulous cupcake teacosy (and because it’s December and cold…), here are a few things to warm the cockles; a collection of knitted homewares:


Knitted Chairs by Melanie Porter


Donna Wilson

  Curiosity Shoppe             Ruth Cross                      Handy Little Me

Knitted Decorations from Mr & Mrs House

They may not be knitted but these ceramics Annette Bugansky sure look like they are:

Just wanted to share with you this fab cupcake tea cosy that mum made me (and some for my friends to fight over!). I love it and if you check out one of my earlier posts – very on trend!! I’ve also seen a lot of great knitted products out there recently, I’ll collate them all and post about them soon. Perfect for this time of year!

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