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I don’t wear much jewellery which is funny as I’m a sucker for it. Especially anything from This Charming Girl, handmade vintage and contemporary jewellery:

Some great designs by Aimee Wilder and others.
Ipod? What Ipod? Going back to basics...hgsjhkhgjsdhj

                                                  Aimee Wilder


         One Brown Cow             Bonjour Mon Coussin        Design Boom

Sabrina's Charm

                         Perpetual Kid                                 via Geeky Gadgets

I’m in love with Thurley dresses!! Yes, yes this is very in advance (we’re thinking March 2011…) and there is the small matter of giving birth first but I’m starting to get excited as I found and bought my dress at the weekend! Because myself and my fiance will have been together for 11 years by the time the big day rolls around and we will ( long as all goes to plan) have had a child, we are viewing the wedding as more of a celebration than as a traditional do. We want it to have a really laid back, carefree feel, much like the images below:

I found the dress in a vintage shop and it is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for, it has that floaty, relaxed feel to it. I had previously been looking at dresses by Australian company Thurley – gorgeous, but I was having trouble finding stockists over here:


So now I just need to think about accessories and I’ve already spotted this fantastic jewellery by PastelPetals on Etsy which I think is ideal:

Ok ok, I know I’ve been a bit slack recently, I’ve been obsessing about weddings and I am also (drum roll…) 3 months pregnant!! Which is obviously amazing but my God the tiredness! I’m out of the first trimester now so (allegedly…) this should start to subside so you can expect a lot more posts and trend spotting from now on – starting with the body, which follows on quite nicely from my obsession with moustaches!

Wall Hooks – Rockett St George

French Connection

Lulu Guinness


          Finger Bowl!                  Lung Ashtray!                   Hand Chair

It would appear that I am not the only one a little obsessed by the current moustache craze. There’s a lot of moustache mayhem going on over at Swiss Miss too where you can see these beauties:

Moustache Bandages

Moustache Bandages Moustache Bandages

Beard Head (with add on moustaches!!)

Beard Head Beard Head

trendOk…I have to admit I have no idea if this is a trend or if for some strange reason my life has inexplicably become filled with these lip ticklers (thankfully not my own…) but for the last few months I seem to have been plagued by them. But if it’s not a trend, why not? Look how many cool products there are promoting the good old fashioned ‘tasche! It started with me commenting to friends about how many young guys I had seen on the tube sporting really long, twirly moustaches (strangely I only ever see them on the tube…where do they go??). Then I went on a hen do where the theme was also the hairy beasts, which was hilarious. I highly recommend it should you need a simple party theme…one friend now has the nickname Blakey due to her uncanny resemblence to the character from On the Buses. And then I saw this on Etsy by Suddenly, It’s Real! :

Half Pint Mustache

And now we’re coming to the real reason for this post…I think I just wanted an excuse to mention it. I recently bought one for a friend as a birthday present and I am so jealous. I may have to get myself one, I love them! Then I kept coming across this brilliant bandana on the internet:

Moustache Bandana

So I decided to do a bit of digging and I’m glad I did because look at all of this hairy loveliness:

                 Miss Bibi                                            Tatty Devine

Moustache BraceletTatty Devine Moustache Necklace

      Bread & Badger                     Jack Spade              Sirena con Jersey

Moustache Rocks Glasses Moustache GlovesMr Moustache Tote Bag

      Heliotrope Home                      Undies                        Tatty Devine
 Moustache Mug  Moustache Underwear Moustache Ring

            Sally England                                     Urban Outfitters

Mr Moustache Pillow Moustache Comb Necklace T-Shirt

Take a look at these amazing, on trend peacock purses and clutch bags by Red Ruby Rose, available on Etsy:

Classic Liberty Peacock Classic Green & Red Peacock

Teal Peacock Peacock Purse

There are other, gorgeous designs – I don’t think I’d be able to choose my favourite!

trend Recently I have seen a few test card watches, reminiscent of Dolce and Gabbana’s ‘Medicine Man’ timepiece from 2007. Then when I came across the BRILLIANT test card cushion by Neon Living (available at Funktion Alley) I thought I might be seeing the beginnings of a trend. Of course it makes total sense, what with the current celebration of British-ness and the Union Jack, what is more quintessentially British than the test cards used by British institution the BBC?!

Dolce & Gabbana – ‘Medicine Man’

Dolce & Gabbana Medicine Man

Neon Living – TV Cushion

Neon Living           Paul Smith                                             Asos  

Paul SmithTest Card WatchTest Card Cap

          Urban Outfitters                         

Test Card Clock Test Card Blanket  


I have mentioned this company before when talking about the popularity of the alphabet as Somerville Scarves do a great alphabet cushion. Having just looked at their website again this evening, I have noticed not only how great their products are but also how many of the current trends they are embracing. Somerville Scarves make hand screen printed scarves (obviously!) and cushions in really great bold, contemporary designs. Their products are available on their website and also one of my favourite online stores Not On The High Street:

Playing Card Scarf Union Jack Scarf Stars Scarf

Hearts Cushion Alphabet Cushion Hearts Cushion

trend After seeing pictures of Matthew Williamson’s April ’09 line  for H&M I was surprised at the sheer amount of peacock accents he had included.

‘I took inspiration from a peacock motif, as seen in my collections, to develop a palette of blues, chartreuse, and emerald. The spirit of the collection is both desirable and precious.’ (Matthew Williamson)

I now realise that I shouldn’t have been surprised. Bird imagery has been immensely popular over the last few months, on homeware, greetings cards, prints and accessories; largely I think because of their popularity within the folk scene that has been so prevalent recently. Peacocks have played a major part in this trend and have really captured peoples imagination, becoming a key trend in their own right, just take a look at what I found below:

            Monsoon                                                    Topshop

Peacock Bangle Peacock NecklaceTopshop

         Ninainvorm                   Watts London                     Thomas Paul 

Ninainvorm Watts LondonPeacock Plate

         Wrapables                       Thomas Paul                        Zedhead

Peacock Cushion Feather PillowZedhead

              Zedhead                      Joanna London                  Roddy & Ginger

Zedhead Joanna London Roddy & Ginger

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