How cool are these vases by Ruth Lodder?! Sorry for the delay since my last post. I’ve had a bit of time off, some of it spent in Paris where I got engaged (squeal!) but enough about that. I’ll be posting shortly about a couple of exhibitions I’m taking part in during December. I’ll give you details once one of the images is back from being framed and the other is created (ulp!). In the meantime I just wanted to show you this fabulous vase I got in Paris. I can’t really attribute it to a trend apart from maybe the Mug Mayhem post I wrote a while ago. It also reminds me of the cake stands by Let Them Eat Cake I mentioned some time ago. I think it’s fantastic and really good value. It comes in 3 different sizes and makes me think of something so traditionally British – the good old cuppa! Incidentally one of my friends also got engaged last week – over a cup of tea. Maybe I should give her one of these as an engagement present!

My Cup of Tea Vase My Cup of Tea Vase

The vases are by the very talented Ruth Lodder and I got mine from the brilliant shop Fleux – 39 rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie – 75004 Paris.