trendI bought one of the crinkle cups by Rob Brandt, below, some time ago and have since sourced a larger, plant pot version. I really liked the design and the fact that something we all took for granted as being disposable had been subverted into a decorative, long lasting object. I have also noticed a number of similar products appearing on the market recently (ceramic ‘paper’ plates, glass ‘plastic’ bottles…) as our hunger for ‘eco chic’ continues to grow. In this credit crunched, eco friendly world of ours where carrier bags are banished and we should all be recycling, it seems almost gluttonous to throw things away and not to re-use. Anya Hindmarch and her now infamous ‘I’m not a plastic bag’ was at the forefront of this movement, bringing the previously dowdy image of eco friendly fashion bang up to date. This has led to a healthy competition for designers to create desirable, ethical products. The items below are stylish, practical and extremely resourceful:

         Rob Brandt                        Virginia Sin                           Starbucks

1852 Virginia SinGrande To Go Cold Cup Tumbler


      Glass Bottles       Milk Carton

Takeaway bowlsTakeaway sugar bowlEgg Dish


                    DCI                    Anya Hindmarch                    Modcloth

I am not a paper cupAnya HindmarchTea towel