trendLace is getting a makeover. No longer is it confined to edging hankies and your Grandmas net curtains, now it’s intricate pattern is being screen printed, laser cut and etched onto a number of surfaces and products. In fashion it is being incorporated into plain fabrics to give a focal point to a dress or top, especially around the neckline or on the sleeves. In homewares, the delicate pattern is appearing on a range of hard, shiny surfaces, the contrast between the two giving lace and crochet a much more contemporary feel. 

                         Rockett St George                                  Showpony

Lace Coasters picture-5 Showpony

                Michelle Mason                                   Rawxclusive

Felt Rug Lace Cushion

                                                  Lovely Lovely

Lace Homewares

                             Makr                                                Fox & Clever

Lace Wallet Lace Necklace