I am a collage artist but I also work full time in an industry where I have to be aware of the current trends within the visual cultures. I have recently realised that I’m really interested in this subject, not because I have to have the latest of everything – far from it. I’m fascinated as to how and why the trends come about and I enjoy watching them grow, the products on the market and the many interpretations. Plus, as an artist myself I appreciate the influence they have on my work.

So, I’m going to (try) to identify and illustrate the key trends that I come across in the worlds of art, design and interiors. I will be pointing out what’s currently in, why and how to stay on trend. Feel free to email me with examples that you come across, or artists and designers working within these themes.

They might not be the official trends, the ones the fashion conscious would want us to follow but but hey, if enough people are doing it I think we can classify it a trend between friends…